Dear Investor.

With sufficient investment, the project "PlanMe" (450 thousand installations and 75 thousand active users) can be very serious and large system for corporate use. Besides being used as a personal planner, it can be expanded to: - project planning and control tools, - exchange of documents, - discussing project tasks, - estimating investment of time and money for implementation. It is possible to create a working tool for small and medium-sized companies that will interesting for personal use as well. I have a lot of experience with users requirements and have a clear idea of ​​what they need. Have experience as a project manager and have a clear idea what managers need to control a project. Just like an ordinary employee, I know how it is more convenient organize a reporting system of the progress of tasks for performers. The main goal is a universal planning system on mobile platforms and website. In a very minimal version, this has already been implemented in the synchronization system between devices with "PlanMe" application and in the account on the web-site For security and privacy purposes, the system can be deployed directly on clients servers. This completely eliminates the possibility unauthorized access to company information. For small companies, possible to provide access to the system on our servers. This product will compete well with systems such as Jira, Trello, Todoist and the like. They are designed for medium and small projects, which is the most extensive area. About investment of time and money: - Time estimate is 1 year of work for 4 qualified software developers. - Money estimation: * salary 4 developers, * accounting, * me as a project manager, * + 30% for bonuses and possible changes or expansion number of employees Total: 1 year and about 350 thousand euros for creation. Estimated payback with additional investments in advertising, sales organization, server maintenance and project support - about 3 years. Depends on initial customers base. Mail for communication If you currently decide, whether to buy another sports-car or invest somewhere, then perhaps this offer will interest you.